• Top Mode: How many houses can you build in 10 minutes?
  • Middle Mode: How fast can you build 50 houses?
  • Bottom Mode: Unlimited, only ends once out of power.

Help & Tips

  • Click buttons to create items, produce power and construct buildings.
  • If you do not have enough power to produce power to all your houses, the background will become more red, and vice versa.
  • If the background becomes fully red, the game ends.
  • For the top two modes, the game also ends once the time limit has been reached or the house target has been met.
  • Each house uses one power per second.
  • Saplings take 15 seconds to become a tree.
  • Each building uses power and/or resources every three seconds. Each building also produces resources or power every three seconds if there were enough power/resources to do so (full details on this for each building are provided below).
  • Where stone or iron tools can be used, a iron tool will always be used if available.
  • Numbers displayed at the bottom next to the 'Clock' icon represent the amount being gained or lost per minute for the resource to the left.

Icon Key

Minute (Clock)







Power Station







Building Production and Resource Usage

Reader beware, this information spoils all of the resources and buildings in the game!

(C = Column. R = Row. So 1C1R would be the first button in the first row. Usage every three seconds unless stated otherwise)

  • House (1C4R, House Icon) - Costs 1 Power Per Second. Max production of Wood, manual Power from Wood, Stone, Iron, Coal and manual Power from Coal is capped by number of Houses.
  • Sawmill (1C5R, Saw Icon) - Costs 10 Power and 3 Trees. Produces 40 Wood and 3 Saplings.
  • Wood Power Station (1C6R, Wood & Factory Icons) - Costs 10 Wood. Produces 15 Power.
  • Stone Toolworks (2C3R, Stone & Anvil Icons) - Costs 12 Power, 12 Wood and 12 Stone. Produces 3 Stone Tools. **Stone Mine** (2C4R, Stone & Mine Icons) - Costs 15 Power. Produces 40 Stone.
  • Iron Toolworks (3C3R, Iron & Anvil Icons) - Costs 25 Power, 12 Wood, 12 Stone and 12 Iron. Produces 3 Iron Tools.
  • Iron Mine (3C4R, Iron & Mine Icons) - Costs 30 Power and 3 Stone/Iron Tools. Produces 40 Iron.
  • Coal Mine (4C3R, Coal & Mine Icons) - Costs 45 Power and 3 Iron Tools. Produces 40 Coal.
  • Coal Power Station (4C4R, Coal & Factory Icons) - Costs 10 Coal. Produces 150 Power.
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorEllis Spice
Made withUnity
Tagsclicker, idle, ldjam, Ludum Dare 39, Mouse only, power
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


Clickity (Windows) 11 MB

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